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Me and my future husband are getting this, whether he wants it or not. No question about it. 


Me and my future husband are getting this, whether he wants it or not. No question about it. 

Guarda come ridono e si divertono al 7B! (presso Cinema Filmstudio 7B Modena)


The book:


The movie:


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Cards Against Humanity





"For the first time ever, many of the farmers who supply Mexican drug cartels have stopped planting marijuana

Facing stiff competition from pot grown legally and illegally north of the border, the price for a kilogram of Mexican schwag has plummeted by 75 percent, from $100 to $25, the Post reports:

Farmers in the storied “Golden Triangle” region of Mexico’s Sinaloa state, which has produced the country’s most notorious gangsters and biggest marijuana harvests, say they are no longer planting the crop…increasingly, they’re unable to compete with US marijuana growers. With cannabis legalized or allowed for medical use in 20 US states and the District of Columbia, more and more of the American market is supplied with highly potent marijuana grown in American garages and converted warehouses—some licensed, others not.

American Pot Farmers Are Putting Mexican Cartels Out Of Business

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My hand is cramping just thinking about the effort that went into this. 

In 1692 an artist named A. Boogert illustrated a nearly 800-page book about painting and colors by hand. The book was intended as an educational guide, but only one copy existed. 

The modern equivalent wasn’t published until 1963. 

You can view the entire book here

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Il Pantone ORIGINALE! 😁


Nosego for Sea Walls Expeditions: Murals for Oceans.

One of the featured artists for PangeaSeed and 1xRun’s Sea Wall Expeditions: Murals for Oceans Project  which is a project that seeks to help raise awareness of ocean wildlife and to save sharks plus other aquatic wildlife is the world renowned street artist, Nosego.  His peculiar combination of the cartoonish, surreal and wild at heart subject matter takes you in immediately, capturing your inner sense of adventure taking you for a fantastical ride.  

Nosego is one of the 13 incredible street artists participating in the Murals for Oceans project.  You can see the full list and donate to the project on Pangeaseed’s Indiegogo page.  You can also check out this great short video about the project on PangeaSeed’s Vimeo Page.  

For your donations not only will you be saving the oceans but you’ll be helping to create art and awareness.  Any contribution helps, from $5 dollars all the way to a donation getting you a VIP trip to the week long art project in Isla Mujeres, Mexico.

As an added bonus anyone who donates $100 dollars or more will receive a special, limited edition “Supersonic” print from one of the acclaimed street artists (As long as you mention Supersonic when donating).  This print will be available ONLY to Supersonic supporters making it extra special.